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Unit 7: Using External Data Sources

In this job, I need to make clear the registration information I need to collect and write out the layout of the form on HTML. I have used jQuery language for the web page to receive and verify the data, initiate the registration request to the server, and process the data returned by the request. The ajax page used in this job is contact_ us.html. When the user loses the focus when entering a name, it triggers a request event to the server to determine whether the name exists in the database. By using the get method, the value of the name is assigned to the lname field, and the lname is passed as a parameter to the specified API. The URL is the server API address. If the interface returns success, it means that the name does not exist in the database, If the next step is successful, the user will be prompted that the name is available. Otherwise, the user will be prompted that the name is not available and asked to re-enter it. When users click the submit button, they also need to send a request event to the server to submit the form data. The submission uses the post method to assign the values entered by the user to fname, lname, email, phone and description fields respectively, and pass these parameters to the specified API. If the interface returns success, it will prompt that the submission is successful, and the page will jump to the home page, otherwise it will prompt that the submission is failed.


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