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What you need to know about the #ACdeal: seven short must-reads

To quickly get up to speed on the #ACdeal and why it's urgently important to students, read these seven short articles, in the order shown. (For more resources, discussion, and networking on the #ACdeal, "like" our Facebook page: "STOP the Canadian university copyright disaster NOW.")

1. Cory Doctorow: "Canadian universities sign bone-stupid copyright deal with collecting society: emailing a link is the same as making a photocopy, faculty email to be surveilled." 
2. CAUT: "A Bad Deal: AUCC/Access Copyright Model License Agreement." 
3. Techdirt: "Canadian universities have one week to stop a disastrous copyright licensing deal." 
4. Michael Geist: "Access Copyright and AUCC strike a deal: what it means for innovation in education." 
5. Ariel Katz: "'The Best Outcome for Universities'. Really?" 
6. Geist, again: "Other people's money" [read: STUDENTS' money]
7. Katz, again: "The voice of Canadian universities?"


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