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Week 5: The Thesis Statement Dilemma

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By Katia-Angela Guzzardi February 11, 2022 - 2:11pm

Writing a thesis statement is the bane of my existence as a student.  I find gathering information easy and making points for my arguments easy but drafting a strong thesis statement always causes me a great deal of anxiety.  It isn’t difficult to decide on a topic or my opinion on a piece but taking all that information that is floating in my brain and creating an articulate thesis statement seems like a monumental task sometimes. I have entered the stage of the academic writing course where I now question the life choices that have led me to writing a thesis statement. My reaction likely seems silly to some, but it also seems silly to me. I liken this reaction to a lack in confidence. I don’t remember any point within my education where I was ever taught how to write a strong thesis statement. Although I have learned over the years how to write a thesis statement, I still find it to be the first big hurdle in completing my work. Once I complete this hurdle then I can work on my outline with ease.

Throughout my education I have preferred to create a “full sentence outline”.  I then use those sentences in my work.  I find that this type of outline let’s me articulate my point clearly. It enables me to step away from my work for a day and to come back and understand what points I am hoping to make in each part of my work. Bullet points and simple topics are not always enough information for me to refer to later.  When I write an essay or a review, I do not write it all in one sitting, I prefer to come back daily to continue the work.  The full sentence outline just works better for me and the way I learn.  

Throughout this entry I have likely used the phrase “thesis statement” four thousand times, which is perhaps an over exaggeration, but feels true anyway.  Thinking back to what makes an academic writer, I think an academic writer addresses their writing issues, fears and anxieties and uses academic techniques such as an outline to better their writing.


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