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Week 6: Know Your Learning Needs

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By Katia-Angela Guzzardi February 21, 2022 - 4:30pm

My mental load has been heavy this week and the same thought keeps popping up “academic writing for Graduate students is the first course that I must complete if I am going to pursue a graduate program at the University of Athabasca, but how do I achieve this while working full time?” That same thought has come up every week since the course started but more so during the week of the critical review. To be honest life is full of “distractions” but working a full-time job is hard to disconnect from. I am aware that many trailblazers before me have managed to do both school and work, but I am also a realist and know that every journey is a bit different. How does any of this coincide with being and academic writer or different tips for writing without distraction? Simply put, for me to complete any writing I must set small goals and work on assignments in segments.

Also, because I often experience sensory overload when I am trying to write, I typically put on noise cancelling headphones and block out sound as much as I can. When I get overwhelmed, I often struggle to coherently put words on paper. It might seem unrealistic to need silence to write, but everyone’s brains function differently. I think the greatest tip I have for academic writers, and for students in general, is to understand how you learn or work best and then adjust for it. Furthermore, be kind to yourself, your first draft is just a first draft for a reason.


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