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Unit 5 - Three JavaScript Ideas

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By Kimberly Lindsay in the group COMP 266 March 28, 2022 - 5:58pm

3 Javascript ideas:


  1. Accordion menu: I would like to incorporate an accordion menu on the policies page, I feel this will meet the needs of my personas by 1) displaying dynamic content on the website which serves as a showcase of the web design companies work, and 2) creating functionality and ease of use on the site - this is relevant to all of my personas as they are potential web design/management clients who want to see something that looks professional but is also functional, all while being able to navigate the website and fnd useful information about the company. I plan to include more policies on the policies page of the website, they will be each be in their own containers, and each when clicked will expand to show the content of each policy in a wrapped text box.


  1. Video Background: I would change the background of my header from an image to a video with the nav menu overly - I would use this to create a more visually appealing header that draws in the users gaze, but is also very functional and easy to use. This directly relates to all of my personas, as it shows a sleek design which is visually appealing, but it also allows the potential clients who are there for marketing or management services to easily see the nav button they are looking for since the content is dynamic it will be the first thing they look at.

  1. Carousel: I would create a carousel for both the testimonial section and the meet the team sections of the page. I feel this will accomplish meeting the needs of all of my personas, as again it showcases dynamic design content which draws in the design clients and those looking for website overhauls but also is information-dense. By adding the carousels It is possible to squeeze more information into a smaller space on the page, which allows potential clients seeking information on reviews or who does what to find that information quickly and easily. It also looks nice!


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