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UNIT 1 Learning Diary

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By Minha SOHN in the group COMP 266 April 8, 2022 - 4:24pm

Here are the learning Diary of UNIT 1: Site Design

Please note Mock-up and Site Map is attached in Diary.

Identify and write the main themes and purposes of your site. The first step is to decide what kind of website you want to make. 

 The name of this project is 'Jin's Resume'.  

As it can be indicated from the name, the purpose of this website is introducing Jin's Ph.D. careerJin is currently at the University of Kentucky to pursue Ph.D. degree of Chemical Engineering. The website will be helded, including Background, Publication, Research Project, Conference Presentation, and Honors and Awards.


Identify at least three different personas, at most ten. These are detailed descriptions of people who might come to your site.

  • Ph.D. Students 

    • Ph.D. students who study in a field of Chemical Engineering 

    • Students who study other industry 

  • Professors 

    • The professors who visit this website would be in the same field. 

  • Laboratory 

    • Researchers who mainly experiment in the department of Chemical Engineering  

  • Programmers 

    • Junior programmers who just kick to start their career in Computer Science. 

    • Senior Programmers who are in charge of training new employees 

  • Job Seekers 

    • Job seekers who are looking for a job in tech industry 

    • Other field job seekers 

  • Recruiters 

    • Recruiters who look for applicants for their customers 

  • Chemical Engineering Students 

    • The students who pursue a degree of Chemical Engineering 


Identify at the very least six scenarios, at most 20, including at least one for each persona. Explain why they might come to your site, what they would be looking for, etc. 

  • Ph.D. Students 

    • They can be the students who study the same Chemical Engineering. They would like to see what does she currently research on or want to obtain the information they need. 

    • They may can ask for collaborating the research. 

    • Other field Ph.D. students can possibly visit this website. They are interested in Chemical Engineering or who need information for their research. They also may want to ask for collaboration of the research 

    • Some of them may want to have an idea of how the resume website looks like to make one for themselves 

    • They may want to contact Jin for further information 

  • Professors 

    • Professors who visit this website will likely also in the same field. 

    • It may be a supervisor of Jin. He may want to see the list of journal with a brief description to check her progress 

  • Laboratory 

    • Research Engineers who want to explore new information for their research 

    • They may want to contact Jin to join her team after she graduate  

  • Programmers 

    • Junior programmers who just start the career in Computer Science may want to explore this website as an example of their project 

    • They will rather be focusing on how the website constructed than the contents of the resume 

    • They may want to email a developer about how did the developer code this website  

  • Job Seekers 

    • No matter what fields job seekers are from, they would like to explore this website to see how this website would work toward job exploring 

    • They may want to improve their resume or create one for on their own based on this website 

  • Recruiter 

    • Jin post her website on her LinkedIn. Recruiter would visit her website to see her work 

    • They would more focused on what she has been achieved than a structure of the website  

  • Chemical Engineering Students 

    • Since Jin pursue Ph.D. of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering students would like to see her work and learn a lot   

    • They may want to contact Jin through the website to get more advice  

List further requirements: other considerations and concerns such as legal, social, organizational, and contextual constraints.

  • make sure indicate the right information of Jin's profile, especially for the publication sections 

  • Whenever I have changes in the website, I have to get confirm from Jin as the information has been handled should be correct.


Write a reflective commentary on what you have done in your learning diary. 

Here are the things that I have done during Unit 1 assignments: 

  • Be able to learn the important points of view when you create the website 

  • It's good to be as specific as you can when you think of Personas as well as scenarios so that you can be more organized when you structure the website 

  • Learn useful tools for making the website, such as Mock-up and Site Map