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Learning Diary + Site Design

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By Erik Bakke in the group COMP 266 June 6, 2023 - 6:14pm

Comp 266- Site Design.pdf

In this unit I decided what website I was going to create over the course of this class. I though hard about what kind a of website it would create that would keep me motived while creating it. Ultimately it came down to 2 options, and I decided on creating website regarding my hobby of autograph collection. I though that there is so many thing I know now that I didn’t when start to collect autographs, that I though I would have fun creating a website so that others could learn from it all in one place, unlike me who learned this stuff over the course of a few years. 


When trying to wrap my head around what the theme/purpose, personas or scenarios were, I looked at other sites that I visit on a very regular basis. A lot of site I visit are some sort of social network, so I thought, why do I come here, and why do I keep coming back? Do I come here to be entertained? To Learn? To gain advice? Then what knowledge do already have? And why is this the why to present it? That would become my personas. Then I went even deeper and thought about specifics. What specifically I’m wanting to learn? That became my scenarios. 


I thought a lot about the design of my site. How should a present it? What kind of information should be present on each topic? I did a few sketches to come up with the main layout of the site that every page will follow. And what kind tools I should use to create this site. I looked though the list tools that JavaScript is good for and created the list of pages on my site based around that. Both so that I could see what the best option to display content should be and to feel that my site, when finished would show that I’ve got a goo understanding on the topic.


If someone else is trying to design site I would recommend for them to look at other sites that they visit regularly and think about why did they visit the site the first time, and what makes them keep coming back.