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Unit 7 Code and Learning Diary

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By Andrew Jackson in the group COMP 266 October 29, 2022 - 1:37pm



Learning Diary:

            In this unit I added 2 different API’s into my site. The first one I added is an email service which allows you to send emails from my site. I create a template on the email.js website and define variables to be passed in. Then call the API from my site passing through the required variables. This is a key feature of the site as it allows users to register themselves as vendors like in the defined scenarios. Users cannot be allowed to instantly add themselves as vendors as anyone could go in putting in whatever they want including profanity or competitors which should not be posted on a professional website. For this reason, it sends an email to the website administrator with all the information requested to be added so it can be reviewed then added if accepted. This was an API I have never worked with before so there was a learning curve in setting up the implementation and debugging it to ensure emails were being sent through properly, and it was nice to learn. I now have an available way to send emails from any website. The second API I used was google maps which I have worked with before and added it to the locations page so that any user/persona wishing to find a warehouse can easily view a map without having to use a separate location. If I were to do this again, I wish I could add additional API’s to the site, but I would need to define more functionality that would be required for the site.