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Unit 7 Ideas

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By Andrew Jackson in the group COMP 266 October 29, 2022 - 1:03pm

Unit 7 API Ideas


For this unit I only implemented 2 different features as I wanted to focus on the quality of the website, and not add flashy features that do not serve a good purpose to the website or any of the personas.


Email.JS API

             This is a service which allows you send emails based on a template that you can create on their website. You create a template, which gives you a template ID on the email.js website. From there you call the function from the code by passing in template ID, your service info, and all the variables that need to be passed into the template you created. While we want to allow for vendors to register themselves, you cannot just allow anyone to instantly add their information to our professional website. As that would leave room for online trolls or competitors to put their information in. By sending the email we have all the information in a concise manor, that can easily be added to the website. But allows for filtering before it is added.


Google Maps API

             For the locations page, it is much easier to use with a google map embedded into the website instead of having to copy and paste the address into google maps in a separate tab. So I intend to add a map for each location so any of the persona’s trying to find a warehouse can do it quickly.


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