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COMP 607: Reflections on week 9

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By nmas in the group COMP 607: Fall 2015 cohort November 15, 2015 - 7:34pm

I am certain that most people can relate to this week’s topic. Most professionals have been touched in one way or the other by an employer either monitoring traffic over work networks or being requested for social network account names. As most government employees would know, just to gain access to a network would require you to agree to the terms of use which basically state that there should be no expectation of privacy. I do not have any problems with that whatsoever, as it is not unreasonable for an employer to expect that the computer and bandwidth are used for work purposes at least 90% of the time.

However, I definitely would feel violated if an employer asked me for logins to my social network profiles. I was actually once asked if I had any social network accounts, for which I answered in the negative. I was being honest, but the interviewer found it hard to believe. While it did not bother me very much, I can imagine how uneasy the question would make many people. I think I would feel like my personal life and privacy were being violated, though I could very easily have locked down my account tight with regards to how much it revealed about me. Nonetheless, the fact that someone was snooping around looking through my pages is a little unsettling. It always surprises me how much personal information people post online.


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