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COMP 361: My advice and reflections on Assignment 2

Similarly to the first assignment, I struggled with the perceived ambiguity surrounding what was expected of me in some parts of this deliverable. This time, it was mainly in part B, where we had to develop a domain class model diagram. I was constantly wondering if I had included enough “things” and attributes for the diagram to be considered acceptable. In part A, we are instructed to develop “an overall use case diagram” despite there being 5 main activities, each with a multitude of use cases. I hope I was right in developing more than one diagram. 


I found it helpful to brainstorm throughout this assignment. For part A, I tried to go over any role among stakeholders that may be involved in each use case, then stuck with those/the one that seemed most suitable. In part B, I wrote down all the “things I could think of as it relates to the Car Sharing IS, after which I shortlisted them and brainstormed attributes. Finally, for part C, I wrote whatever came to mind before removing unnecessary elements and polishing.  


For the diagrams, I used Visual Paradigm. I found it rather intuitive. In fact, I didn’t need to look up any tutorials for part A. In part B, a few short YouTube videos sufficed. 


I recommend brainstorming through this entire assignment before you start getting into developing/writing things out fully. This will give you a base to work off of for each part, which makes it more encouraging to go from one part to the next, as you don’t feel like you are starting from scratch. I would also recommend actively trying to fight-off perfectionism: based off of the first 2 assignments, there seems to be an endless stream of avenues to go down for the activities. You will probably be much better off with a complete first draft than with a half-done diagram that took you the entire day due to overthinking.


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