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King Tut's Tomb

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By Laurie Milne in the group AU Anthropology Interest Group November 26, 2015 - 10:29am

In 1981 I had the opportunity to tour many major archaeological sites and museums in Egypt.  This was after the president of the day had passed legislation removing mummies from the Egyptian Museum but before the tombs in the Valley of the Kings were closed to the public and before the rise of terrorism.   The experience of walking through the tomb of the young King Tutankhamun and also visiting its former treasures in the Egyptian Museum  will never be forgotten. 

Several recent developments relating to ancient Egyptian tombs are worth noting.   In early November the Egyptian Antiquities Minister announced that three tombs in the ancient city of Luxor were being opened to the public including the resting place of Huy, Viceroy of Kush under the famed King Tutankhamun. More recently, the Egyptian government has announced plans to further investigate King Tut's tomb for hidden chambers where scientists believe that Queen Nefertiti may be found.

These moves are designed to counteract the decline in tourism caused by ongoing conflict between various political groups in North Africa and the Middle East.


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