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Unit 5 - 3 ideas about JS

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By CHENXIN ZHANG in the group COMP 266 May 16, 2022 - 1:53pm

1. True form validation :
In my previous code: The form validation Javascript is only capable of checking weather the user put
something in the input section or not. By modifying the JS code. The program can check more stuff:
-The phone number has to be number only.
-Name can not have special characters like: @$%( probably no body name them self like that)
- Abusive language checker(for the sake of back-end staff on this website)
2. A shopping cart :
If the user want some sessions: a shopping cart will be great. Some user can add things desired as
they browse the web
3. Investment simulator :
I will have two variables one is the user’s money the other is a number representing a stock or the
market's price. Once the user click buy the money will follow the other variable’s value and once the
user click exit it(user’s money) no longer follow the other variable's value. Thus a simulation is
established. And that will tell the user the risks about buying stocks