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Access Copyright owes universities

Well, much time has passed and we still have not heard from AUCC over their ill-conceived model fair dealing policy. I hope that they are considering how the universities can retrieve their money from Access Copyright (AC) for charging us over many years for inserting chapters etc. into course packs for which we had every legal right to do under fair dealing. AC may argue that they were acting under what they considered to be "fair dealing", unfortunately their view was partially if not wholly re-inforced by AUCC. I do know that if I am mistaken in my interpretation of tax law and even if I am acting in good faith, the government will still insist on the money. Universities should also. AC owes us. Any funding recuperated might be enough so that universities who followed the misguided advice of AUCC  can find a way to release themselves from their Access Copyright licenses.
Those universities that have refused to sign or smartly delayed signing can congratulate themselves for not allowing themselves to be stampeded into signing those retrogressive AC licenses.


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