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Unit 4 - Script Use and Augmentation

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By Hassan Jasim in the group COMP 266 August 24, 2022 - 5:37pm

In this unit, I improved on the HTML of my site by adding some JavaScript code found on I needed to transition the navbar on the landing page to a smaller more compact version as the user scrolls. Doing this adds a little bit of life to the website as all the personas navigate the website. This creates the illusion of a dynamic page with some user interactivity. I also added some logic to change the background color of some elements as I hover over their parent div. This is also important as it allows all 3 personas to be able to identify what they are looking at and where their cursor is. I have worked breifly with JavaScript before this project, so it didn’t take much research for me to get a refresher on needs to be done. I was very refreshing to see a course that encourages its students to leverage publicly available code and modify it and site it properly. From my previous professional work experience, we rarely write unique never-before seen code, but rather build off of what is already there and add code snippets that preform the task we want found online. I believe this task more closely prepares us to the professional environment that most of us are going into.


Code that was used as a starting point to build my functions can be found here:


Website code can be found here: