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Unit 5 - Javascript Learning Diary

By Hassan Jasim in the group COMP 266 August 25, 2022 - 2:15pm

In this unit, I tackled JavaScript more in-depth. I defined 4 functions that I was going to develop, created workflow diagrams for each and pseudo code for them as well. This was a little different than what I am normally used to as with most projects I tend to jump into the code and start developing. In this unit, I was forced to take a step back and analyze what I am about to develop, create a game plan, and follow it “to the t”. Throughout my time doing internships, I noticed that the successful companies always follow this approach. By creating design proposals and getting the team’s input before development, ensures that the solution that will get developed is the most optimal implementation. Throughout this unit, I didn’t find anything particularly challenging, however the required development process was refreshing to see. Following the proper review process before development of a feature should be the gold standard across all companies and future engineers. If I had to do this task again, I would focus more on the design process as it is important to get right. There is plenty of people who have written and reviewed code and commenting your files makes it easy to understand, however being able to accurately explain your design process and convince your colleagues that your proposed solution is the most optimal is a skill few people have, and I would like to hone mine. I tried to pick the best feature to develop to enhance all the personas’ experiences while browsing the website.


Here is the link to the zip file: