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Distance Education Research Network (DERN) rises again

Distance Education Research Network (DERN)  rises again

This Australian network was funded for I think three years and now I see they are developing a strategy to continue their good work. As you see below they offer a number of services designed to inform the DE research and practitioner communities and to create a growing resource database of DE articles.

I plan to cough up with the $25, as I will likely use the service and am glad to support this type of work.


Dear DERN subscribers

This is to let you know that DERN (Digital Education Research Network), established in 2010 and managed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), has now matured into a new and exciting service with an attractive and easy to navigate new website.

A new DERN2 website at has been commissioned and the research reviews have been archived on DERN2. You are now invited to visit DERN2 and subscribe to the new service. Take a look!

What can you find?

. Access to ICT Research: DERN is the hub for evidence based ICT educational research

. Research Reviews: each Thursday a research review is published and distributed to the service subscribers

. DERN research reviews database: contains over 150 research reviews accessible via search and category links

. Weekly newsletters: each Tuesday a new edition of DERN’s weekly ICT in education newsletter is published providing access to the latest research reports and articles as well as conference information and the latest in the media,/p>

. Research Briefs: bi-monthly research briefs focussing on ICT priority areas and trends

. Research Archives: access to all DERN resources either by browse or search. Browse by category enables users to view lists of resources by Research Reviews or ICT Research. A cross-link is also created from each research review to its original report, so one can also view the report after having read the review

Who is DERN for?

DERN is for you!

DERN is designed specifically for the broad global education community, that is, for anyone with an interest in education and training more specifically for the benefits that education using digital services can deliver to schools, training institutes and higher education.

How to Subscribe to DERN

Subscription to DERN is easy and affordable. Annual subscription $25.

Visit DERN:

For further details contact:


  • I got my subscription in early 2011 and agree. It is well worth the $25 for the wealth of information on the DERN site.

    Barbie Bruce September 13, 2012 - 11:06am

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