Landing : Athabascau University

goes to show... you never can tell

Hey fellow study buddies!  

It's strange when a place you create suddenly comes to life in your absence.  It's a little like walking into my apartment to find that my dishes are toasting a tea party and my books are having a little salon of their own a la the Hip's Apartment song a la the Hip's Apartment Song.  

I started this thread back when The Landing was still in Beta phase, and, while I waited for someone to bite the study hook, I remained alone in this space....

Until you all arrived!  I know there are only a few of you here right now, but I hope that you will find a chance to create community here on The Landing.  With student activity increasing in this space, it's becoming more exciting every day.  Now only if we could move some of the Moodle conversations over here so others could benefit from the ongoing engagement.... baby steps...




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