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Audacious Spam

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By Terry Anderson October 1, 2012 - 4:01pm Comments (3)

This spam emails get bolder and bolder!!  Iwonder how many idiots will actually send this guy $20 gs??


To your attention

 I want you to read this message very carefully and that you keep the secret until further notice. You do not need to know or who I am or where I come from. I was paid an advance of $50,000 to eliminate you. My sponsors one of which is what we can call a friend gave me the reasons I noted. I am more than ten days and now I know that you are innocent of what you are accused. Do not try to warn or send this message to the FBI or the police because I know that I'll have to do the job for which I was paid. Note that this is the first time that I betrayed my employer.

Look, I'll do everything I can so that we can meet before but I need $20,000. You have nothing to afraid of me, I can come see you in your office or home, it is up to you to decide. Never attempt recording or filming our upcoming meeting. It will pay $20,000 to the account I will tell you, this before our first meeting. Once payment is made, I will give you the file that contains the names and queries sponsors. This is a good evidence that can be used to sue if you wish. The balance of the payment will be settled later. For the moment this is not the trouble I give you my phone number because you will cooperate. I have your picture and other important information about you. I was involved with my team in the Yemen Arab Republic. You must not ask me any questions.

 Quickly confirm for your good.


  • This is explained by Cormac Herley's great paper - - which suggests such blatant scams are obvious because that filters out potential targets who are not sufficiently credulous to be defrauded. Clever really. 

    Jon Dron October 3, 2012 - 1:06pm

  • Huh. Spam explained with math! Neat. 

    I notice that Terry's email features antagonists from "Arab Republic of Yemen" and not Nigeria. I wonder if the growth of Islamophobia as a specific mobilization of racism in the US has changed the factors that can best identify the most gullible targets. 

    I also wonder why my spammers aren't trying harder. "...or we'll assassinate you" is way better than the standard "you have won the UK lottery" emails I always get. 

    sarah beth October 3, 2012 - 1:22pm

  • Excellent use of the victim's own prejudice as a weapon!

    The Nigerian scam is not dead but it is evolving. I was quite amused to discover this recent recursive effort in my inbox...

    Important information about Nigerian scams:

    The preponderance of Advance Fee Fraud (419) has had severe negative consequences on Nigeria, including decreased Foreign Direct Investments in the country and tainting of Nigeria's national image. The menace of these crimes and the recognition of the magnitude and gravity of the situation led to an emergency meeting between the President, the Vice-president and other members of the Federal Executive Council. It was concluded that all fees and charges sent to Nigeria by scam victims will be sent back to every victim FREE OF CHARGE.

    If you have sent fees or charges of any kind to fraudsters in Nigeria, forward your NAME and ADDRESS to Outlook Restitution Managers International through their email address stated below for verification.

    Jon Dron October 3, 2012 - 5:17pm

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