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Definitions of Networked Learning

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By George Siemens in the group Social Networking Seminar June 21, 2010 - 12:58pm Comments (2)

The following are definitions of networked learning provided by seminar participants:

1. Networked learning=
- Learning with & from your connections with other people
- Bringing together what your network knows and can do to bear upon the task/problems you are working on
- My network is my learning resource (activity triangle: subject/object/network)

2. A set of individuals/elements that relate (exchange information and resources) through structures because of individual or common goals

3. Part of learning process supporting dynamic knowledge sharing and collaborative knowledge/skills development in different situations

4. A shared interest and participation in the learning process by educators and learners in both formal and informal ways with technology being a support structure and driver

5. If we consider it [networked learning] equal to social computing or at least part of it, my taking is that network learning is to utilize the power/functionality of social networking activities (eg content production, finding resources, finding right peers to collaborate with, etc) in the formal learning settings and environments

6. Drawing on a range of resources (people, objects) to expand knowledge and competencies

7. Learners interacting, sharing, and building, rereating, often with a common goal or purpose

8. There are many sources of 'learning' in the network and it is up to the learner to actively manage and synthesize their learning

9. Networked learning is about learning from and with others (technology provides new opportunities to network (and learn) with others

10. The ability of each learner to be exposed to and engage with any other learner during the task

11. Networked learning for me can be helpful for normal learning. conform those knowledge I am not sure  in the classroom

12. Using distributed means to add to & aid in the learning process. It is not linear.

13. Networked education is the use of people and resources outside/beyond those accessible in the formal classrooms

14. Network learning is about sharing common interests between learners

15. We have always had learning networks, but the boundaries are changing. Networked learning relies on connections - links to experience and expertise in various forms. Our challenge is to begin to gain greater understanding of how the networks are changing as we still strive to enable learning

16. Network learning is the process of developing personal knowledge and growing knowledge of a domain through social and technological connections


  • Networked learning can be described as student-driven, collaborative, dynamic learning mediated by technology enhanced communication that allows for users to connect/share from anywhere and at anytime.

    Nathaniel Ostashewski June 21, 2010 - 1:08pm

  • Learners interacting, sharing, and building, 'recreating', often with a common goal or purpose

    Diane Janes June 21, 2010 - 1:27pm

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