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Unit Two Reflection Diary

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By Jesse McCarthy in the group COMP 266 July 15, 2016 - 7:46pm

 Work Competed and Learning Outcomes:

To start I went over the moodle content for unit two. I went over the poorly written sample html pages and found many examples of poor coding practice:

  1. Many tags were capitalized, such as the h1 tag, a few p tags and various other tags.  Spudley explains why this is poor practice at here.
  2. Closing tags were missing in many instances. It was especially apparent for the h2 element as the proceeding paragraph was formatted as heading.
  3. Many lines were absurdly long; line 15 was over 1000 characters!
  4. The img tag had no alt attribute and the source did not exist.
  5. Organization of the elements were non existent. This was especially noticeable in the table and list elements. Proper indentation and line breaks are good practice for readability.
  6. Almost all attribute parameters are not enclosed in quotation marks.
  7. Empty title tag

I had a bit of experience with HTML prior to this course, but it has been quite some time since I have used HTML. Resources that I found helpful throughout this unit were EJ Media’s HTML tutorials, and W3School’s HTML reference page.

I had some challenges creating content on my webpage because most of my content is dependent on games made with javascript and their tutorials. I did however manage to complete all of the required outcomes.

Three HTML Pages

Index, play, learn, blog, unit_one, unit_two, contact, about, and scalar_star for a total of nine pages

One Image

Jm Games logo across all pages, reflection diary image on blog.html, and scalar star banner

Hyperlinks Between All Pages

All pages are accessible through the navigation bar expect for the reflection diaries which can be accessed through the blog page

Two Heading Styles

Headings in about.html as well as index.html

One List

List in unit_one.html



Multiple div tags included in index.html, unit_one.html, and unit_two.html

One Tag

Span tags are used in the navigation menu which appears on every page

A Table

A table is used in play.html that displays games and their expected release date (Monster Masher Mash is not an actual project I anticipate making)

A Form That Mails the Contents to the Author

Form contained in contact.html that emails contents to the author, myself.


Rationale for What Has Been Done:

            Throughout the process of creating the website I explicitly followed the directions provided in the unit two study guide. There was content that was added specifically to fulfill the criteria listed above such as the table on play.html. Many pages were also left fairly empty because on the requirement that no visual mark-up, or dynamic content be added at this stage of development.


The Good and The Bad:

            I was honestly I bit frustrated that I was not permitted to use CSS or JavaScript at this stage of development, although I do understand the reasoning behind it. I did however learn a lot throughout the creation of the webpage and feel confident in my ability to read and write HTML documents. This will build a strong foundation for me in the future to be able to use HTML to it’s full potential with other languages in order to build my website.


What I Would Have Done Differently:

            I’m not actually sure that I would have done anything differently in this unit. I completed all of the requirements in the unit in a fairly time efficient manner. My code is well structured and I feel strongly that it will easy to maintain and add onto moving forward in this course.

I've attached my current web directory, and the live site is available here


 Jm Games HTML Site