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Unit 3 - CSS and Learning Diary 4

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By Jodene Humeniuk in the group COMP 266 August 14, 2016 - 1:59pm


I found this unit to be quite tricky. I spent quite a few hours trying to get the site to act as I wanted it to on both my laptop and my phone and it just wouldn't. So I took a break and then started from where I was at the end of unit 1 again. It worked almost instantly, which was very exciting. 



My limited experience with CSS was quite useful going through this unit. I found that once I started over, much of it came quite easily and it was quick to finish it to a point where I am happy with the results.

My first attempt to finish the project I tried to do too much at once and I found that my code became a jumbled mess. Some code was interacting with other code in a way I didn't quite understand, I was accidently using non-existant code and in general biting off more than I could chew.

The site looks more amatuer and basic at this point than I expected but I think that is mostly due to my choice in colour. Due to my slight time crunch at this point I don't think I will have time to search for more professional looking colours or patterns for the background, but I am content with what I have accomplished and glad to have a solid product to continue to work from.

Learning Outcome Mapping


Design dynamic websites that meet specified needs and interests. (A)

The website now has dynamic attributes such as adjusting itself for different browser sizes and hover effects on the navigation bar. The navigation buttons are now a standard size and shape.

Write well-structured, easily maintained, standards-compliant CSS code to present HTML pages in different ways. (A)

My code on all pages is easy to understand. There are comments where required and the code is compliant to current CSS standards. Some of the HTML has been adjusted for ease of use and maintainability.


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