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Response to Chronicle of Higher Ed article on UofA embracing MOOCs, joining Udacity

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By Rory McGreal October 30, 2012 - 10:35am Comments (1)

My respone below to the article at

Congratulations to the U of Alberta and other universities for waking up to the future. Athabasca University, in the same province as UofA, and  other open universities have been running MOOC-like courses, but not calling them that for many years -- we have been using real instructional designers. And, at Athabasca, challenge for credit, in which learners can take an examination based on their acquired knowledge, have been in place for many years, along with a robust prior learning assessment and recognition system. The new MOOC phenomenon itself  was begun by Athabasca University staff member George Siemens with partners across Canada.

The real news here and the benefit is that now that the "big" universities are waking up and adopting/adapting our open learning distance education models (hopefully) we will not have to suffer their pontificating about the "benefits" of the traditional classroom model and their condescension towards open and distance learning. Hey, they might even take some lessons from us.


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