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Drafting and Outline for Critical Review

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By Kyla James June 11, 2023 - 2:40pm Comments (1)

This weekend I was able to re-read the article assigned to us for our critical review and made use of the alphanumerical ouline format that OWL Purdue website included. I've previously used a similar format when joting notes down in Microsoft Word or summarizing meeting notes, so this format came naturally. However, sad to say that I hardly made use of creating a proper outline when writing academic papers! I'm able to research topics well, generate ideas, and summarize points that I want to include; however, my introdutions tend to be my primary guidance for writing. This being said, I'm a slow writer and have been told previously I take more time then most to answer exam questions when in an open response format, so perhaps making use of outlines will assist me going forward in graduate school.

“Types of Outlines and Samples.” Types of Outlines - Purdue OWL® - Purdue University, Accessed 11 June 2023.


  • Hi Kyla,

    I used to find creating outlines very difficult and, like you, would rely on my introductions to drive my essay structures. It's definitely a more time-consuming way to write. 

    The alphanumerical outline format is very helpful and I'm glad you've found that it works for you. 

    What I will often do before getting to a formal outline is lots of mind-mapping to get all my ideas out and to start to connect them in a logical way. Then, when outlining, I try to think of my paper as a complete, if lengthy sentence, to ensure that each paragraph logically connects to the next and to the paper as a whole. 



    Emily Cargan July 19, 2023 - 12:53am

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