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Unit 6 Learning Diary - UltimateXI Advisor

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By Moamen Ahmed November 27, 2023 - 9:49am


Attached is a PDF version of the learnig outcomes for easier readability.

In Unit 6, I incorporated jQuery to improve the clarity and manageability of my code, making it more dynamic. The thoughtful planning outlined in my Unit 6 Proposal helped the easy execution of my planned tasks. Shifting from basic JavaScript to jQuery was a smooth process after grasping fundamental jQuery concepts.

Regarding the leagues page, I expanded its functionality by introducing a new endpoint in my node.js backend at /api/leagues. This endpoint is tailored to provide a sorted list of all distinct leagues found in the data. Leveraging jQuery, I made the essential API call to fetch the needed data, simplifying the process of populating the leagues page.

Learning Outcomes

I've successfully fulfilled the learning objective of utilizing JavaScript libraries by incorporating jQuery. This allowed me to achieve equivalent functionality on my website without relying solely on JavaScript and enabled me to enhance its dynamic features further.

What Went Well

Because my code was well-organized, and I had a good plan for what I wanted to add, making changes for the leagues, including new dynamic features, was easy. Using jQuery made things simple and easy to manage.

 What I Struggled With

I encountered minimal challenges during this learning phase, primarily because jQuery’s concepts were intuitive and easy to comprehend. The smooth transition to using jQuery for UltimateXI Advisor was facilitated by its user-friendly nature and my pre-existing knowledge of JavaScript.

 What I Would Change

I realize the importance of commenting my code from the outset, as revisiting it later made me forget the reasoning behind certain decisions. Additionally, I regret not incorporating more comments throughout the coding process.


Attached is the zip file of my website (UltimateXI Advisor).