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Unit 7

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By Moamen Ahmed November 27, 2023 - 9:52am

Unit 7 Proposal.pdf

Attached is a PDF version of the proposal for easier readabiity.

Unit 7 API Proposal

In this integrated approach, we aim to enhance the existing player cards in UltimateXI Advisor by integrating an external API that provides detailed player statistics. Leveraging reputable football statistics APIs such as StatsBomb or OpenLigaDB, this integration will offer users in-depth metrics like pace, shooting accuracy, and passing proficiency. Additionally, a dedicated API endpoint will be created within UltimateXI Advisor, allowing users to access a comprehensive stats page for each player. This detailed view will go beyond the basic information on player cards, providing a nuanced understanding of player strengths and weaknesses.

Expanding on the enrichment concept, we propose integrating another external API to provide real-time price and market data for players. Utilizing a reliable source such as the FUTBIN API, this integration will offer users insights into the current market value, fluctuations, and trends for each player. By presenting this information alongside player cards, users can make informed decisions not only based on performance statistics but also on the market dynamics, optimizing their team composition and investments.

The implementation will involve seamless asynchronous API calls to maintain a responsive user experience. The player cards' interface will be redesigned to incorporate both detailed statistics and market data, ensuring a unified and intuitive user journey. Caching mechanisms will be employed to optimize performance, storing fetched data temporarily. The goal is to create a visually appealing interface that facilitates easy navigation between basic player cards, detailed stats, and market insights.

By combining detailed player statistics enrichment, a dedicated API endpoint, and market data integration, UltimateXI Advisor aims to provide users with a comprehensive platform for building and managing their FIFA teams.