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Unit 7 Learning Diary - UltimateXI Advisor

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By Moamen Ahmed November 30, 2023 - 3:07pm

In Unit 7, I focused on implementing key features outlined in my proposal for UltimateXI Advisor. I successfully integrated two external APIs to enhance the platform. The first API, ',' provides real-time world time data, adding a practical utility for users within the application. The second API, ',' integrates live weather information for a specified city offering relevant and timely data to enhance the user experience. While these APIs differed from the initial FUTBIN API and StatsBomb mentioned in the proposal, they align with the vision of enriching user interaction and adding value to the platform.

Learning Outcomes 


This unit provided a valuable learning experience in successfully utilizing external APIs. By integrating the world time and weather APIs, I demonstrated the ability to make asynchronous API calls, retrieve real-time data, and seamlessly incorporate it into the UltimateXI Advisor platform. This practical application of external API usage aligns with the learning outcomes and showcases my proficiency in dynamic content retrieval and integration.


What Went Well 


The research phase of this unit went exceptionally well. Despite the initial plan to integrate specific football statistics APIs, the flexibility in adapting to alternative APIs demonstrated resourcefulness. The decision to incorporate world time and weather APIs was informed by thorough research, ensuring that the chosen APIs added value to the user experience and aligned with the goals outlined in the proposal.


What I Struggled In 


One notable challenge during implementation was related to the clock feature. While integrating the '' API was relatively straightforward, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing display of the live clock on the platform posed some difficulties. Fine-tuning the presentation to match the overall design aesthetic and user interface required additional effort. However, this challenge provided an opportunity for skill enhancement in frontend implementation and design refinement.


What I Would Do Differently 


Overall, throughout the implementation, there wasn't much I would do differently. The decision to deviate from the original plan and integrate alternative APIs proved successful, adding practical functionalities to the platform. If anything, I might consider exploring additional APIs or features to further enhance the user experience. However, considering the time constraints and the success of the implemented features, the deviations from the initial proposal were justified.


Attached is the final code of the website UltimateXI Advisor.