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MDDE 605

Hi All!


Quite excited to be starting my last compulsory course in the program - excited yet intimidated.  I cannot seem to find the group site, but I did find some posts of fellow classmates and have been reading those.  I am also having trouble with the readings - I received a different text than the one posted for chapters 1&2, so unsure what to read!!  Ah, school... well hope to find the group soon and chat more there!


  • Thanks and welcome Jacqueline

    First, to find the course group search on MDDE605 or just 605  Then click on the resulting group and then click on "ask to join group" I then get a request and approve it.

    I am WORRIED about the text- which did you receive E-Learning or Beyond E-Learning - I MAY have work to do on the site, but THOUGHT I had updated things to Beyond E-Learning.


    Terry Anderson September 10, 2010 - 5:36pm

  • Hi Terry,


    Glad to see you responded before the official course start - calms my nerves a little!  I subscribed to the group, I finally realized that I was looking for a new group..blah blah... but I think I got there.  So, I did not receive either of those texts.  Mine is Managing Technological Change by A.W. (Tony) Bates.  I already read the first two chapters before double-checking the book title as per your instructions, and it was very informative!!  haha...  I double checked my readings and nothing similar to those is in there, either.  If I received the wrong text, who should I contact?  Can I access what I actually need to read online or can you send through email?  

    Looking forward to this course.  I attended a great Elluminate session with you last semester as part of 610.  Cheers!


    Jacqueline Monteith September 12, 2010 - 12:09pm

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