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Review of Three JavaScript Ideas

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By Jesse McCarthy in the group COMP 266 December 18, 2016 - 4:21pm

First, I would like to implement a banner on my homepage, acting as a link to a game I’ve created called Infinite Skies. The banner will simply display stars with randomly generates properties, that fade in and out from the canvas. There will be several benefits from this simple design. First it will create a nice attractive dynamic banner, making my site more aesthetically pleasing as well as more respectable. It will also entice user to visit my game, creating some traffic to my content.


Another huge part of my site will also be games. I plan to have many different games written in several different languages, however, the first game will be written almost exclusively in JavaScript. Creating games, as well as tutorials for their creation is the purpose of my website and therefore this project could not be better suited for my website.


I believe that a customized search engine on my website will also be very beneficial, especially as content such as tutorials are added. Searching for specific ideas in a tutorial library indexed by game or title may be cumbersome to the user. Being able to search for a particular learning module would really optimize the experience for many visitors.