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PC is the acronym for personal computer... and what would be more personal than a computer that stays with you 24/7 like a PocketPC (aka 'smart phones', 'super smartphones', 'i_______ ').

Apple Dictionary (2.2.3 build 118.5) describes the term personal computer as "designed for use by one person at a time".  Ironically the image attached to the Wikipedia version of the term is a desktop computer (how nostalgic).

In the past mobile OS's all suffered from the same historical fate - lack of continuity.  In example it has been very difficult to move the same file format between mobile and non-mobile OS's.  Microsoft is stumbling to resolve that with Windows 8 (proving once again that if you throw enough money at a problem and force people to use it, adoption is imminent ... or so the dogma goes).  Apple is too profitable to care.  Android was the logical counter solution to Apple fascism.

However, Ubuntu may be able to solve the desktop-mobile bridge with an open universal OS... the Linux way.

>> <<

Given consumer taste for quad-core 'supersmart phones'  (aka pocketPC), I see this moment as the historical opportunity for convergence (communications and digital information) and extension (storage, processing, and peripherals) to PC.

Welcome to 2013, year of the - pc -


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