Landing : Athabascau University

Assignment 0

where to find resources:

  • Moodle course site: Access the study materials and guides for each unit of the course, engage with other students and instructors. 
  • The Landing: participate in course-related discussions, engage in broader discussions about robotics and general-interest Arduino topics, and Seek and offer help. 
  • Internet Resources: Visit Arduino's official website for documentation, tutorials, and community support, and utilize the tutorial and programming guide that comes with the kit for hands-on experiments. Or else, Youtube! 
  • Textbook and Workbook: Follow the readings as outlined in the study guide. The textbook covers core concepts and offers a comprehensive introduction to robotics. Adapt the exercises from the workbook to fit the Arduino platform.

Examining the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit: See what is in the box! and read the SparkFun Inventors's Kit!


Installing the Arduino development environment: My PC is window system, not to hard to install, However, I could not find the board Arduino/Genuino Uno as told in the "SparkFun Inventors's Kit" handle, but I use Arduino Uno for board as instead, it works without trouble. and for port, try to look for "USB", that is the right one on my! 

writing and executing your first program: for my first Arduino program, I finsihed the first circuit and complete the 1A-Blink programing! I did not write the code but I read the handler and understand every single line, and able to upload to the redboard and executed it! Careful while putting in the screw! don't force it or will break the redboard! the openning is not fitting the screw cuz it is too small, I suggest first put screw in the hole with a bit much stregth to adjust the size then get the redboard on. here is youtube link on how it runs look like: