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OER enabled pedagogy curious...

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By Steve Swettenham May 13, 2017 - 3:41am

OER-Enabled Pedagogy by David Wiley, PhD

An intersting slideshow that has a slight cognitive dissonance for me. The presentation begins with advocating focus on at-risk students by saving them money, thereby assuming that at-risk is related to "financially" at-risk. The slide message of Internet being already free to receive information, leaves me slightly uneasy.  Firstly the Internet is not free, and secondly the costs are far greater for all classes. The lower classes have to go to computer centers (because they cannot afford access to technology, thanks to the digitial divide), while all the classes are bombarded by advertising and loss of privacy (rights & freedoms) due to intense surveillance at all levels. Hence, a financially at-risk student first needs to have access to the computing technology, then access to the communications network, before digital OER is of any benefit, and then be ready to become subjected to life-long digital surveillance.

open = Libre  ( ) - for better or worse... (reflection on "tragedy of the commons" by Garret Hardin)

Since I do not need permission to use a computer, why do I need permission to engage in 5R activities? Or is "Big Brother" - 1984 fait accompli?

I found the pedagogies very interesting and would agree with further advocacy on OER's, assuming humans have an environment conducive to learning.


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