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The CIDER Session today (September 16, 2015) by Rory McGreal on Why Open Educational Resources? ( is further validation of the importance of generating open e-textbooks.

An OER site -  - offers students the opportunity to download an open e-textbook in the format of their preference.

The first e-textbook to be developed and deployed on this OER site is:

Creative Clinical Teaching In The Health Professions

(It is noteworthy that the author(s) previously published an OER e-textbook on a similar system
- Supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities & Mental Illness - )

Both open e-textbooks employ the Pressbooks plugin within Wordpress.  Pressbooks/Wordpress offers a publishing tool set that supports the spirit of OER - open and free - while being stable, and in active development.

According to some sources (1,2) , more than a quarter of the planets human population will be using smartphones in 2016.  A device that ubiquitous is a fantastic opportunity for epub e-textbooks.

Billions of smartphone users can't be wrong...









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