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Unit 0 Intro and Learning Diary

Hello everyone, my name Zakaria and you can call me Zack. I am 35 years old and live in Alberta. I'm taking this course because it seems interesting and also any programmer should at least know how to make websites I believe. As I was looking for elective course list for specialization on the AU website I found this course was an elective course for students who want to specialize in web-based system development. I have done some HTML before, it was fun and easy to learn and was fun to see my work on a web page (this was years ago). I am excited to learn the real stuff that you can use to create a website the way you wanted it to be. I am pointing this out because a couple of years ago I needed a website where my wife can sell her beauty products, so I used a service that let create websites easily. The problem I faced was how to rank the website according to some keywords, but using a third party service made the job difficult because you can only use the options they provide you with. Now, it's time to learn these techniques and apply them.

I started comp 266 this July, and I started by scanning through all units and what we expect to find in it. Then I started reading unit 0 and I've found lots of information that needs to be read and it felt like reading from a papyrus. Then I started all over again but this time I took my time and followed instructions step by step. And if the text says to do a,b,c then d that's how I did it. And it worked. And this is what I’ve accomplished so far from this unit:

  • Read the orientation file and followed instructions step by step
  • Took unit 0 self-test
  • Contacted the landing support to setup my web space
  • Got the response about my web space the next day
  • Downloaded the required files, PuTTY and WinSCP programs
  • Tried the programs and connected to my web space
  • Changed my password to my account
  • Created my first PHP file and downloaded it to the server
  • Connected to my database
  • Used what I have learned from my previous course comp 325 (UNIX)
  • Logged in to the landing website
  • Set up my account and edited my profile
  • Browsed and tried to get an understanding of how the landing is structured
  • Still learning as I go
  • Read some interesting posts
  • Watched the introduction video

The challenge that I think I’m going have in this course is the process of keeping a history of my progress in the learning journey. But, I already had a conversation with myself and decided to keep my journal as simple because simple is what makes people interested in things.


  • Hi Zakaria! Good advice. There is a lot to read through, and taking your time through each step seems to be the right way to go.  I'm officially starting the course in August, but I thought I come scan the requirements ahead of time.

    I'm also predicting difficulties with keeping a journal. This will be my first time doing so, and the task seems daunting. I, like you, will keep it simple.

    Good luck with the course!


    Nicolas Leduc July 6, 2017 - 2:20pm

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