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Great op-ed in Edmonton Journal, on the irony of E&AE ministry plans for #ABpse

Paula Simons calls it:

It seems odd, too, for a government that loves free market rhetoric to seek to squelch inter-campus competition, and to encourage homogeneous curriculum, instead of wide program choice. 
[...] we don’t necessarily want the state mandating to our post-secondary institutions what curriculum they should offer or research they should emphasize.

This column demonstrates an interesting approach to making university autonomy a matter that the wider taxpaying public should care about.

Work Cited

Simons, Paula. "Government’s plan to harmonize Alberta’s post-secondary institutions puts academic autonomy at risk." Edmonton JournalMar. 2013


  • Eric von Stackelberg March 16, 2013 - 2:47pm

    I would suggest it would be better to make it an effectiveness argument that is demonstrated by traditions (university autonomy) that are several hundred years old. That supports the argument that attempting to generate a monolithic single organization for an educational monopoly in the form of common services is counterproductive and against the interests of Albertans. Collaborative and competitive is a more effective model and produces greater benefits for taxpayers, students and the institutions themselves. 

    When the new minister came in I suggested it would be in the best interests of institutions and academics to come up with some plans for change rather than being at the mercy of the minister. I reiterate a solid plan that offers the potential for a better alternative would be much better than what appears to be coming down the pipe.