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Reflections on EDDE806 Spring 2017 and Moving Forward – Rosemarri Klamn

 Congratulations to our colleagues that have passed their candidacy defense and those who are finalizing proposals and choosing committees.  That is fantastic.  I am one of the guilt-ridden students that Susan talked about – summer was busy and other projects took precedence.  Doesn’t make the guilt go away though.

After being reintroduced to EDDE806 for the Fall 2017 Session I was reminded of several aspects of the course that have proven beneficial to me. Looking back at our Spring 2017 sessions I recall appreciating the opportunity to hear and learn from other student’s presentations, in sharing thoughts, concerns, and ideas with colleagues, and hearing Dr. Susan Bainbridge’s thoughts on moving through the dissertation writing process (and hearing where in the world she is working each session). 

Each student’s presentations are similar, yet very unique.  The cognitive process and creative process work together to get the information into correct format so that it is relevant, succinct, and profiles all elements of the dissertation proposal. Each person uses a slightly different approach. Having the opportunity to have others question aspects of the presentation helps prepare for the live version of the event.

I appreciate visual reminders for learning. I noted early on that Norine Wark’s presentation slides included page numbers to reference which page in the proposal it represented.  I thought that was genius.  That would make presenting in a defense easier as there is a readily available reference point for both the presenter and the committee to quickly see where the information was written.  I would be less flustered during the presentation if I was reminded of which page of the proposal the question referenced.

As much as I know about the topic and the details of my proposal, there are so many pages it is easy to forget which page in the proposal refers to my presentation slides. Hence my appreciation of Norine’s technique of matching presentation slides to proposal pages.

For me, a list is a visual reminder. Creating this list of presentations from the EDDE806 Spring Session helped remind me of what we heard and learned along the way. I wasn’t able to load all of the presentations – some may be missing and some titles may not be completely accurate.  Please add to the list if you see missing or incorrect information. This does serve as a reminder of what we accomplished together last spring.  Looking forward to hearing the other presentations this fall. Most of these were on the Landing if you want a refresher.

  • Lynn Rabak -Cognitive and Emotional Presence: Learning Effects – New Directions in Learning.
  • Apostolos Koutropoulos - Presentation: “Collaboration! Wait,..Say What? Working Title: Open Course Collaboration:  A case study of emergent collaboration in Rhizo14 and Rhizo15
  • Norine Wark Proposal Defense - Shifting Paradigms: A Critical Pragmatic Evlauation of Key Factors Affecting Learner Empowered Technology Integration.
  • Renate Bradley - Utilizing Reflection to Understand Student’s Lived Interprofessional Experiences in their Clinical Practicum: A Phenomenological Study.
  • Angie Parkes – Corporate Training Effectiveness.
  • Stephanie Buchanan - Developing Routine Practices for Health System Navigation in Canada.
  • Neera Arora - Succession Planning in Higher Education: Condition for Sustainable Growth and Operational Resilience.
  • Peggy Lynn MacIsaac - Library Tips for EDDE 806.
  • Kim Jones - Satisfaction Levels of Distance Education in the Canadian Military.
  • Scott MacPherson - College Leadership and Distance Education.
  • Rosemarri Klamn - Transforming Learning in Higher Education (HE):  Implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in HE.