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COMP361- Reflections on Assignment 1

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By Skyla Michalicka October 25, 2017 - 11:50am

I found that with this assignment, it was easiest to make note of each particular subject relating to each portion, and then refer to my study notes, and appropriate parts of the text book to make point notes on the information I would need to keep in mind when creating this report. I continuously referred back to examples in the text book and found guidance in them. Although I did search for examples on the Internet, I feel that the most useful resource to aide with this assignment was the text book. The assignment seemed very overwhelming upon first read of the case study, but there is a method to the development process, and so with patience and attention, I found the notes helpful in structuring a concept of the system desired. I reviewed the case study numerous times in hopes to be sure I understood exactly what was being asked of the system, from the stakeholders perspective, and users as well. In doing so, it was fairly straight forward breaking down the aspects of the system that needed to be implemented, and with some common sense, deducted some risks. I did find the report itself easier to create than the table as it was more complex to envision each use case and ensure that enough (hopefully all) were captured. However, this is an iterative process and understandably some use cases may be discovered in further development. That being said, I do feel that there is most likely much more that can be added to the report, and I became overwhelmed trying to be sure I had considered everything possible. I think that this assignment will at least give me a good push in the right direction of understanding the SDLC, and with some feedback, I will continue to understand better.  


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