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The Voice of Auto-dictation

I am using Dragon software version 5.05 for Mac and it is an interesting way to create content hands-free. Although it is expensive, except when you can get special pricing in black Friday sales, it is extremely valuable for people such as I, having experienced carpal tunnel syndrome and other disabilities.

I think the technology has improved greatly and I for see myself using this application for essays and research. Unfortunately I have not been able to dictate directly into the body of a blog post on the Landing in Firefox. However I see great potential in using this software to overcome writers block and keyboard tripping. I recall seeing this technology being used very effectively in the mid-1980s by a federal government employee, but now the software is available at the consumer level.

I would be interested to know what other students are doing with voice to text dictation. What is the best application? How are you using the application?



PS. This posting content was created by voice.


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