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10 tips (from Oxford University Press) on getting published!

Hi there,

I'm not so big on lists whether top tens or best ofs.  However, this one crossed my screen today and it's worth sharing.  

"10 Tips for getting your journal article published"

Yes, that's the blog for Oxford University Press!!

In reading through their tips, they seem like good dissertation writing tips. Perhaps the first one, about knowing your audience is less applicable to dissertations.  I might substitute that for asking a different question about audience for a dissertation,"Am I giving my committee enough information for them to evaluate my research?"  Or a fictious audience question might be, "What might the key people whom I cite in my literature review think of my work?"

This last question is adopted from a Ph.D. guide published by National University of Ireland, Galway.

Personally, I happy to say that I sort of got an answer that last question last week as I presented on a panel with someone whose work I admire (and cite). Our rather large international panel had been working together for months on our presentation and last week we got to meet for the first time and present in our own unconventional conference presentation style.  We each did short (3 min.) intros of our research and then moved into a talk show panel Q & A format.  It was very lively!  I highly recommend it.

Peggy Lynn





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