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Unit 1: Learning Diary + Submission

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By Jamal Habash May 24, 2018 - 6:02am

Hey All! Here is my Learning Diary for Unit 1. 

Work I have Done For The Unit: 

I put a lot of effort into Unit 1, and the results of my work can be seen in my submission (embedded as a PDF document in this post). Overall, I developed the themes and purposes for my website, developed 5 personas, developed 6 scenarios and created both a sitemap and mock-up. 

The website I designed for this Unit (and for this course) is a personal portfolio website, that will help promote me in academia and in the job market. To my surprise, I found creating both persona's and scenarios to be an excellent exercise that not only allowed me to design a good website but also made me think about the people I'd like to promote myself to in the job market. 

Learning Outcomes: 

The learning outcomes listed for Unit 1 are as follows:

  • identify the potential audience and purpose for a website
  • use a simple but structured process to identify how the website will address the needs of the anticipated audience.

In my opinion, I have met and exceeded these learning outcomes. In regards to identifying a potential audience and purpose for the website, I created a purpose for the website and developed a wide variety of personas that may access the website. Specifically, I decided I would design a personal portfolio website, that may be accessed by employment recruiters, professors and peers to learn more about my work in the engineering field. 

In regards to, "use a simple but structured process to identify how the website will address the needs of the anticipated audience", I followed the structured process listed in Unit 1 and identified how the website would address the needs of my anticipated audience. Specifically, I first developed the themes and purpose of the website. Next, I developed personas of people who may use the website. Then I developed scenarios for why and how these people would use the website. Lastly, I used these scenarios to inform my website mock-up and site-map. The mock-up and site-map were designed around the scenarios to meet the needs of the people I anticipate using the website. 

What Went Well:

There were many things that went well in this unit. I thought the process of creating personas and scenarios was useful, and a good exercise in helping me design a website mockup and sitemap. 

What Didn't Go Well: 

Overall, it took me a long time to complete this unit, I will have to speed up my work to complete the course.

My Unit 1 Submission:  

Unit 1: Site Design


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