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Unit 6: Learning Diary + Submission

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By Jamal Habash in the group COMP 266 July 30, 2018 - 9:11pm

Hey All! Here is my final Learning Diary for Unit 6.

Work I Have Done For The Unit:

I spent my time this unit developing a dynamic contact form using JQuery. Specifically, I have developed a form that has validation checking to ensure that when a user enters their contact information, it is as correct as possible. 

Specifically, the form uses the .validate feature in JQuery to check if the user has submitted a valid email, and if there name as been recorded. 

I have additionally used JQuery to enable the form to send data to a Google Sheet through an AJAX request. With this change, the form is now highly-dynamic and enables the user to contact me with ease.

What I Have Learned:

I have learned how to integrate JQuery with AJAX and form validation. This has greatly improved the usability of the website. I found JQuery to be incredibly useful.

Learning Outcomes & Requirements:

Bug-free implementation of JQuery libraries to improve the experience of visitors (matched to needs identified in Unit 1) with accessible, easily maintainable code.

  • The code I have developed is bug-free, works as intended and greatly improve the experience of visitors to the website.
  • When submitting the form to contact Jamal, the user is no longer presented with a pop-up, as the information is submitted directly from the form to a google sheet. This greatly smooths out the user experience, and makes it easier to get in contact with Jamal. 
  • Additionally the form has validation checking to help ensure the user is submitting the correct information. Without validation checking, the user could never be sure they were inputting their correctly. 
  • The code is well commented and easily maintained. 
  • Most importantly, this code helps the website to meet the needs identified in Unit 1. One of the purposes of the website was to act as an easy way to contact Jamal. With the new JQuery-based form, it is now easier then ever to contact jamal directly from the website. Users such as Sanjay Lee or Matthew Black from unit 1 may find it appealing to use the form in order to contact me, ask questions and get to know me.

A broad range of JQuery functionality used and/or complex integration and use, well-applied and well-chosen.

  • A broad range of JQuery functionality is used including AJAX and form validation. These are well integrated into the site and are compatible with all major browsers. 

Well-integrated themes, plug-ins, scripts, and so on.

  • A broad range of JQuery functionality is used including AJAX and form validation. These are well integrated into the site and are compatible with all major browsers. 


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.Zip File:  Unit 6: UPDATED .Zip Submission (Jamal Habash)

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