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Positive Environment for LGBTQ clients

We live in a society that LGBTQ individuals continue to experience stigmatization and discrimination on both familial and institutional levels. Many of these individuals is wanting to access therapy for various reasons, e.g.: substances, childhood trauma, relationship concerns, sex therapy, family therapy, mental health, etc. I recalled reading from the course material that making your office space environment inclusive for everyone's nationality, sexuality, race, ethnicity, etc. The expectation of the counselling environment should be safe for everyone, right? However, many LGBTQ individuals still experience discrimination or prejudice from professionals when attempting to access services. Many reports to be looking for some “clues” when arriving at the office that the facility is promoting LGBTQ positivity (e.g., pride flag, signs that says the staff is an ally, non-discrimination policies posted in public areas, etc.). Now the question that I am asking you is: does your facility promoting LGBTQ inclusiveness? If not, is there a reason why? What have you done or attempted to do, to make this a safe environment for everyone?


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