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Week 14. political language

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By Fairouz Alatabeh December 6, 2018 - 9:14am

Week 14. This is our exercise for this week. “Can you think of some examples of "political language"—that is, words or phrases that "smuggle" or encode a specific political subtext?”

I found this question very interesting and I wanted to share my answer with you :)

In life, at work, and when working on a challenging assignment, we like to think about our weaknesses as "opportunities", our failures as "lessons learned", and our disagreements as "differences of opinion". 

In technical writing, we like to be fact based, thus, "political correctness" is not used as much there. Saying that, it does, in many cases, help in bridging gaps, inspire positive thinking, and making us look at the "glass half full" vs. half empty.


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