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Learning - from requirement to desire

As I travel across Canada and explore the learning centres for adults, I sense a tide of anticipation for the next wave of innovative pedagogy.  Like the news pushing MOOCS as an attractive freebie (if you ignore the attrition rates, or ownership of content)...but I digress. Attachment to a particular technology is as dangerous as farming monocultures.

Thus I reflect on what innovative pedagogy is, thankfully Google does all the thinking now and sure enough there is someone who has already blogged it:

I basically agreed with everything stated in the article by Tim Beardsley, Gara Latchanna, and Kamala Devi.

Then I tripped in Youtube on a sample application of the aforementioned "innovation":

The aforementioned video presentation was a great example for the real world and perhaps blended learning, but what about delivering courses in a virtual school environment?

The BBC tried to address the communication challenge very well with its innovative Android BBC app (code is available as open source).  Now if they can link online voting and other engaging elements, I may move past the passive learning barrier.





BBC App designer

iPhone and iPad app update


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