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Unit 2 - Learning Diary Blog

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By Paolo Marco Haya in the group COMP 266 February 10, 2019 - 1:20pm

This is the link or SCIS link for my Unit 2 work. 

What went wrong...
At first im a little confuse, dont know where to start and what needs to be done for unit 2. 
I find the instructions vague without specific end result. I tried to browse digital reading room and suggested resources for unit 2 but it does me no good i guess its really hard for a first time building a web page to learn through reading.

What went right...

Due to my willingness to finish unit 2 during my short leave of absence at work i just decided to 
finish both the first draft of my web page and edit the Sample 1 & 2 Html. 
To expedite my learning i enrolled in a web design course in udemy and thankfully everything went well after and i guess i finished the required task for this unit pretty well.

The Struggles...
I had some challenges in executing below task and ended up putting those as my to do list for unit 3.

  • Aligning 2 images with text side by side
  • Setting an image as a submit button
  • Footer is hard to access because of the width size
  • Customizing the look of input forms
  • iframing for popular site like amazon and ebay.


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