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Unit 3 - Learning Diary Blog

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By Paolo Marco Haya in the group COMP 266 March 28, 2019 - 11:14am Comments (2)

This is the link for my updated site with CSS Elements.

Nothing much was done functionality wise but im pretty happy with the overall look of the main page, it might look too simple but it is as intended as more of the functionality is from the search tags of the user. 

What went right:

Most of the problem i encountered in Unit 1 was solved. 

  • Aligning 2 images with text side by side - done.
  • Setting an image as a submit button - leaving this to unit about javascript.
  • Footer is hard to access because of the width size - well done.
  • Customizing the look of input forms - done
  • iframing for popular site like amazon and ebay - i kinda disregarded this at it will be unnecessary once main function of the site is up.

Some of the CSS implemented that i was proud of is.

  • Addition of tooltip and Changing text decoration of icons upon mouse hover.
  • Wiggling effect of an icon through size shrink - still searching for a better wiggle effect but this is good for now. 
  • modified search box design. 
  • DIVS and classes made my HTML codes more readable and easy to maintain. 

What went wrong:

  • So much time were wasted googling designs and functionality that maybe wasnt made for this unit yet. 
  • Tidy up the folder in athabasca server, i tried combining images and link in a seperate folder and also edit html source code but can't find a way to make it work.
  • A terrible mistake - i started a new search engine idea - that is a simple shopping online site that will display a specific item user are searching in a single page with all the prices from a defined or stores with the cheapest price - at first i thought it wasnt availlable yet cause it wasnt the first time i checked; example is when i google a price of a specific items, the price lists differect shops will appear instead and i need to check the price indicidually from a different site still, which is great for me till i notice goggle side bar which completely made my idea not so unique. 

Next Unit to do list:

  • Start writing codes about sites functionality (Search Engine)
  • Design and Edit all external links. 
  • Try to group div's into classes in the page so that they will behave as intended even they have different id's or attributes
  • Come up with more ideas to make the site worth visiting.