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COMP 361 - Assignment 3: Reflection

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By Brittany Daigle March 26, 2019 - 6:27pm

Overall, I found assignment three to be less demanding than assignment one; however, I found it to be more difficult and time consuming than assignment two. Something I noticed while completing this assignment and the previous assignments was that I really enjoy organizing data in tables and creating visuals!

For the system inputs section, I found that differentiating between devices and mechanisms to be somewhat difficult, as I found the textbook to be vague when describing what inputs were. As a result, I relied on external resources to help me complete this section, such as an explanation by Tutorials Point, various YouTube videos, and a few slideshows that I could find on the topic of inputs and outputs.

For the system outputs section, I found this part to be relatively simple and again, I enjoyed organizing and creating the table. I found that the textbook was still a bit vague for explaining outputs, so I again relied on the same external resources to help me. Though, once I understood inputs, outputs, devices, and mechanisms I found it to be relatively easy listing them in sections one and two. Also, I found myself continuously adding to the tables at various points while doing the assignment, as more ideas would come to mind.

Something that drastically helped with the inputs and outputs sections was using different websites to go through the motion of reserving something. This helped me identify the different required inputs and outputs, some of which I would have not thought of otherwise.

Creating the sample reports for the needed outputs was by far the most enjoyable section for me. As stated above, I really enjoyed creating the visuals. For this section I took inspiration from several different websites, such as Outlook, PC Travel, Google, and Amazon and then I used Gyazo (a screen capture program) to take pictures of the visuals I created to then be able to paste them into the word document. I was very pleased with how realistic my visuals turned out.

Designing the storyboard was significantly more time consuming and more demanding than the other sections, though I still thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating it. To create the story board, I began by creating a template box similar to the one illustrated in the textbook, which I then added other elements to the template to expand on the storyboard. In fear that when I submitted the assignment all the shapes and positioning that I had done to this section would be moved around and displayed incorrectly, I used Gyazo again to take a screen capture of my completed storyboard to ensure that would not happen.

As always, I enjoyed typing up the essay question and the reflection section. I strongly believe that essay questions and reflections are a great study tool. Essays on specific topics require students to research and go in-depth in explaining concepts that may be unfamiliar and reflections force students to identify areas that they found simple and areas that they found more difficult. Doing this can definitely help students narrow down what they should focus their exam studying on.



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