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COMP 361 - Assignment 4: Reflection

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By Brittany Daigle March 30, 2019 - 12:25pm

Overall, I found that assignment four took the longest amount of time to complete and I found it to be quite challenging at times. That being said, I was pleased to have another reason to use Visual Paradigm, as I really enjoy using the program (most of the time). Furthermore, I found that I had an easier time using the program this time around; it was nice not having to figure out the program on top of trying to understand how to complete the assignment. Unfortunately, my free thirty-day trial with Visual Paradigm is ending soon; however, I think it is still worth purchasing the full version of the program for future projects.

For section one of Part A I re-opened my Problem Domain Class diagram from assignment two and I did some edits. This section was not necessarily difficult, though it was time consuming. First, I had to remove most of the connection lines and the multiplicities, which was a tedious process. Then I had to add the types onto the attributes and the visibility arrows, which was relatively an easy process. The reason this section took such a long time to complete was because I had to organize the diagram in a way that made the most sense. There were a lot of lines overlapping each other, visibility lines crossing over the classes, and there was just a lot of information going on in such a small area. However, after spending some time organizing the classes, I am pleasantly pleased with the result that I was able to produce. Also, I found that the textbook did a great job at explaining what I needed to do in this section.

Section two of Part A was interesting to say the least. I never encountered a diagram that looked like that before and I will not lie, I was a tad intimidated by having to create one myself. I spent a ton of time looking at the examples in the textbook, watching YouTube videos, and reading explanations from external resources trying to wrap my head around how to begin creating the diagram. After playing around in Visual Paradigm for a good solid hour, I finally started to understand what I needed to do and how I was going to go about doing it. Once I knew what I was doing, I did not find it to be necessarily difficult, though it was not easy at the same time. I would say this is one of the most complex diagrams I have ever created. Lastly, I added “opt” boxes for flows that are optional since the member might use their preferred locations and vehicles.

That being said, section three of Part A was THE most complex diagram I have ever created and was by far the most difficult part of assignment four. While I have been continuously giving Visual Paradigm positive reviews throughout this course, for this diagram it was purely frustrating. The program never allowed me to do what I wanted it to do and at times, it had a mind of its own, which made completing this diagram tedious and annoying. The content was not necessarily difficult, it was just creating and organizing the content in the diagram that was. I am happy with the end result that I was able to produce, though truthfully, I am happy to be finished it.

Lastly, section four of Part A was thankfully just an extension off section one. This section was not difficult, though it was extremely tedious. It took me awhile to organize the class boxes, visibility lines, and arrows in a way that made most sense, as there is a lot of information happening in such a small area.

For the essay portion of the essay I am very happy that I did not just assume the requirements based on the other assignments! Thankfully, before I submit each assignment I carefully read through the assignment requirements one more time to ensure that I did not miss anything important that I needed to include or do, and at the last second I noticed that the word requirement for the essay portion was bumped up one hundred words from all the other assignments. This was a pleasant discovery, as I had to remove some information that I had originally wanted to include in order to hit the target word count. I did not find this essay question to be terribly difficult, though it did require me to do some external research in order to properly answer the question.



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