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COMP 361 - Assignment 5: Reflection

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By Brittany Daigle April 5, 2019 - 11:21pm

Well, I have to say that the requirements of assignment five were a pleasant surprise. After completing assignments three and four I was concerned that assignment five would be just as demanding, though it was quite the opposite; I found it to be a relatively simple assignment. I was also pleased to not have to open Visual Paradigm again after the frustrating time that I had with assignment four. 

Section one of Part A just required me to create a simple tablethat contained classes and attributes. I found that having assignment four open while creating this table was extremely helpful, as it contained a lot of the information that I was looking to input. I also found that the textbook did a great jobdemonstrating what I needed to do for this question. I strategically did not include the relationship between member and newsletter because the newsletter is sent out to all members. Also, I used a separate table for billing account because it made sense to keep this complex object away from the basic attributes found in the member information class. This was an attempt at separation of concerns, or de-coupling logic.

Section two of Part A I found to be even simpler than the previous section. For this question I just referenced the first-cut sequence diagram that I completed in assignment for to add the extra find operations to vehicle and location data access classes. I found the textbook did a great job at explaining what I needed to do.

I felt like section three of Part A was examination preparation; therefore, I enjoyed it. I feel like after completing this section I have a pretty good understanding of the seven integrity controls, and I feel like I would easily answer a question or provide examples of each of them if it were to appear on the finale examination. I also felt like the textbook did a great job explaining and providing real-world examples so that the reader would truly understand them.

I found the first part of section four to be quite simple, as it just required me to write a brief explanation of who I believed the Car Sharing IS was designed for and who it was not designed for. I found myself referring to the textbook diagram on page 398 while answering this question. Furthermore, the second part of section four just required me to create another simple table that showed which individuals had access to which operations. 

As for the essay, I decided to choose replicated database server architecture as it was the option that I knew most about prior to starting the assignment. As always, I enjoyed writing the essay portion of the assignment, as I feel like it forced me to dig deeper into a topic that I did not know that much about. I also feel like the essay portion further prepared me for the final examination. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment and this course. As much as I am looking forward to completing the final exam and being done with the course, I am somewhat sad that it is coming to an end. I learned a lot of interesting material from this course and I was happy that I got to create a lot of different types of tables and diagrams. Thank you for everything!



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