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Internet Educational BBS Pioneers of Alberta - Part 1 of 4

Internet Educational BBS Pioneers of Alberta - Part 1 of 4

The following four part chronological narrative of Internet Educational BBS Pioneers of Alberta is the only archive in existence that is hosted on the Athabasca University Landing.

This work is dedicated to the SciTech BBS students, global academic community, and posthumously to the visionaries:

Ray Sloan, MRC Instructor

Ray Sloan, MRC Instructor online with the 1st generation SciTech BBS


Bruce Horrey, Labstores Manager, MRC

Bruce Horrey, Manager of Labstores

Once upon a time Leadership and Innovation existed within a digital frontier for distance education in Alberta called the MRC BBS - circa 1993 (aka SciTech BBS or SciTech ISP - circa 1994 - 1999). BBS is the acronym for Bulletin Board System ( see ).

 (transcoded from original 1994 MRC BBS INFO at

Steve Swettenham, Dennis Leask, Ray Sloan, and Bruce Horrey were the Distance and Blended Education pioneers of an academic PC based Internet BBS for learners and global community at a post-secondary institution in Alberta. This little known history brought together four unique individuals from various backgrounds to create a microcomputer communications system that would be freely available anytime, anywhere, to students, educators, and interested global community via a telephone modem, local area network, and Internet connection. The academic BBS was a social network and MOOC, with open e-books, and a lot more.

Dennis and Steve are the remaining living founders to the story of an extraordinary achievement starting from no budget or institutional support, to a world class online educational system demonstrated at the 1994 National Educational Computing Conference in Boston (NECC '94 CD).

To Be Continued... Part II

Internet Educational BBS Pioneers of Alberta

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